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Our goal is to positively impact and inspire women through style.

We know that our fashion choices embody our self-image while also influencing the way people think about us and how they see us. This is the primary idea of co-founders, Andrea Green and Clifford Wilfred Ukarajit.

Whether you want to look comely on your work style, ravishing for a party or beautiful on a casual day, AG’s Fashion Studio wants to be there to guide you through that journey.

Our gorgeous and chic clothing come from LA, California.

 Andrea Green is a Pre-lew scholar at the University of Mississippi. She graduated in 2017 with a degree in business and has been working in a women’s clothing retail for more than 3 years. She is actively working for a retail store while pursuing her legal career.

 Clifford Wilfred Ukarajit is a brilliant final year pre-medical student at the University of Memphis, TN.
For us, our love for fashion and styles have been the primary reason behind our venture. It gives us the opportunity to help awesome and beautiful people with their fashion needs. Our main focus has not been about quitting our day jobs. We have available styles and also have created pre-orders to help us figure out the types of clothing that our customers will love to have. Pre-orders typically ship out 1 week from the date of order. Let us help with your ward-rope. Thank you.

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